Clips 4 Sale - FFGFAN Catfight Dakkota vs Lia

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Story: Lia and dakkota wear little dresses as they face off. they circle one another, talking trash until they grab each  by the hair. they continually lock up and lead each other around with massive hair pulling. they grab at each other's dresses and begin to tear them off of one another. now both ladies are in their bras and panties. they end up rolling around on the mats until dakkota is mounted on top of lia and begins smacking her in the face over and over. the match turns into a body scissor slap feat. ass smacks, wedgies, and more hair pulling. lia takes mount and starts slapping. eventually dakkota takes advantage and puts lia into a camel clutch as she pulls her head back by her hair. victory pose. 

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FFGFAN Catfight Dakkota vs Lia

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