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Story: Clip request:  as always, you play the role of the loving woman of a mafiaboss which is hiding somewhere in the city. you are in your kitchen and you are watching outside, because you have been warned about the arrival of a couple of policemen that will inspect your house to find evidence against your lover. you will try to withdraw them to save you and your spot the cops coming in and you see that one of them is heading directly to your kitchen entrance while the other is wandering around the garden. so, you decide to hide in the hall to wait for the first policeman to enter the house. your hands are sprinkled with a poison and you know that you can withdraw a man if you press his face and neck with your hands over a proper amount of time.the first cop enters and you attack him from behind by closing his mouth with the palm of your fight relentlessly to keep the cop subdued. in the meantime you hear that the other policeman has entered the house from a secondary entrance and while fighting you often look upstairs trying hard to prevent the first policeman from speaking and making his voice heard.of course, throughout the process, please, tell the usual words: "rilassati", "sshhh", "stai tranquillo". after a few seconds, you push the cop onto the sofa and you still keep his mouth closed and you also use the fingers of your other hand to massage the back of his neck (as in the previous videos). meanwhile, to keep him pinned down and weaken him further, you begin to press and rub your leg on his crotch. sometimes you also kiss him, just to seal further his mouth.the cop struggles but you give your best to dominate him. you still keep on looking around to ensure the second cop cannot hear anything. at least, a good boob smother, while still rubbing your legs. you think that the successful game you played with the first cop can be run for the second time. so, you still hide while the second man goes down the stairs down the hall. please, as always, the man should have a different outfit, to make it more realistic that he is a different cop. once again, you attack the man from behind and close his mouth with the palm of your hand. again, you push the man onto the sofa and try to do with him exactly what succeeded so well with the other: 1) you close his mouth, 2) massage his neck, 3) rub your leg on his crotch. unfortunately, the poison you had on your hands has lost almost all its power.the policeman is quite weak but he is going to fight back and you may be overwhelmed. therefore, you now have to resort to your best weapon: your legs. you take advantage of the fact that the cop is weak so you pull his cock out of his pants and begin to masturbate it by rubbing it on your legs and calves, which are sprinkled with the same poison.the cop tries his best to fight but you are unmerciful and you kep on telling him "sshhh, sei mio, adesso...." and so on. then you make him cum onto your leg and calf, like this one: after his cum, you make him suffer from a painful post orgasm torment by rubbing his cock on your leg and calf.he writhes in pain but you are so excited and you keep on rubbing in a terrible post-orgasm torment until he is over for good.

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Reliable protection for the mafia boss WMV(1280*720)HD

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