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Story: You have become more and more useless with time, so i decided to give you a new purpose, a new job as my slave. let's see if you can do this right: you will be my house toilet. if you can't do anything right, at least you should be useful at eating! you will be used by anyone that may come to my house, and i think you were made for this. for being used by my ass, my lovers' ass, my friends' ass... this is the last time i will try to find use for you, so do a good job being my house toilet and find yourself with a new purpose in your life again. you won't be useless anymore, you will be a house toilet, making sure you eat and drink everything that comes out of our holes with zero complaints, just eating and drinking, living the life of a full toilet slave. keywords: toilet slavery, toilet fetish, ass worship, asshole fetish, asshole worship, slave training, ass fetish, goddess worship, femdom pov, toilet slave, sensual domination.

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House Toilet

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