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Do you love lesbians but would like to see some cock action in between? Sometimes it’s a tough choice, especially when the threesome, orgy, or twosome you’ve been drooling after doesn’t have a cock-owner in tow. But don’t lose hope just yet! Jade Venus will save the day for you and your persistently throbbing cock. Have you met her? Jade Venus is the woman of your dreams, minus the pussy. She will make your lesbian dreams come true, and she’s not armed with a strapon. The dingdong hanging on her supposedly pussy is hers to keep and hers to own, too. Are you a little bit confused? 

Jade Venus is a transwoman who ventured into the world of porn to materialize all of her fucking fantasies. She’s the dream, quite literally. Jade can lick pussies much better than anyone you’ve seen, and she can fuck even better than the porn stars with dicks who don’t even know how to use them. Jade Venus loves participating in drool-worthy threesomes with horny girlies with dripping-wet pussies. They just can’t be contained! But wait, Jade Venus doesn’t only love pussies; she loves cocks, too! Yep, as much as you see her devouring and fucking all the pussies her eyes meet, she loves blowjobs and anal sex, too. 

BDSM, role play, group sex, orgy, pegging, sex toys, and cunnilingus are just some of Jade Venus’ favorite things. Jade doesn’t mind being the only dick owner in the horned-up group as long as she gets all the pussies. Likewise, she does not mind if she’s just one of the cock-owners in an orgy as long as her butt receives all the fucking. Jade Venus’ tan skin, big fake bouncing boobs, and hot body will make you crave her more than your favorite porn star ever will. And it looks like she’s not going to stop anytime soon! Jade Venus already has quite several porno performances, but still, you can expect more to come. 


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